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Manifacture of Tufacutter machines (ex )
MA.CA. mt. 180 ENGINE

The machine construction begins with the chassis by using the best quality steel materials to put together every kind of parts, which are manufactured with special weldings or self-bolts jamming, then, upon the chassis eight driving wheels sliding on their own lines are joined together by a great and sturdy chain .
The next step is the placing of the engine, being of different kind and brands according to th customer requests : Deutz diesel v8 - Swisel diesel v6 / v8 .
The electric engine is about 180 revolutions per minute and the horsepower varies from 150 to 220 .

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The third step is the placing of the three basic bodies of the machine, which are able to produce from 1000 to 30000 blocks daily (it equalizes eight working hours ), depending on the cutting of the materials hardness , they are : the mechanic unit for the upright cutting, the mechanic unit for the horizontal cutting and the mechanic unit for the shifting movement .
The last one is moved by an hydraulic engine that is supplied by belts belonging to the central thermal unit and it is necessary for the shifting movement, which takes place on two lines, having two gear : the reduction one is used when the machine is working and it can be possible to change its speed (0/12 meters per minute), by using an adjustment lever strictly connected to the materials features, and a faster gear when the machine is stopped, for faster movements (0/40 meters per minute ) .
The mechanic body for the upright cutting is moved by the engine throughout some belts and it is the machin ‘s real heart, composed of resistant high-precision cog-wheels, who can achieve until 450 mm cutting‘s depth, and it can move more than a plate at the same time, and they are assembled by several sizes transmission axle.
The mechanic unit for the horizontal cutting is composed of hardly-resistant cog-wheels, who can be moved by the upright cutting mechanic unit throughout o a groove axle and a double hardy chain.
Upon the central axle who, crossing the unit, is put upon a smaller plate than the vertical unit‘ s one, depending on the cutting‘s depth.
The following step is the construction of the hydraulic plant with the cooling radiator, essential for the machine movements.
Last–generation hydraulic engines, including the best trademarks accessories are to be recommended, such a, pipes, security and adjustment valves and lever distributors

The carrying out of the movements are five, like it follows :
1) the transmission for the advancement and the return;
2) the extension and the recess for the horizontal cutting;
3) the ascent and the descent for the horizontal cutting, too;
4) the ascent and the descent for the upright cutting;
5) the opening and the closing of the big upright plates .

Then, the outflow installation is constructed by using steel silencers, so as to be very resistant, even if they are continuously exposed to weather conditions, and, also to limit the engine noisiness; among, the double–filtered intake installation is to grant more and cleaner air to the cylinders and to save the engine’s life.
The following step is the assembling of the electric plant for the start and the several protections, including the roof, to shelter the machine and the operator .
Moreover , the machine is tested in every part, so as to grant its best trusting and efficiency .

Finally, there is the machine dismantling, the materials cleaning, the varnishing,
and the re-assembling action.

In conclusion, the Ma.Ca. mechanic workshop is sure to offer to the customers the highly–tested tufacutter machines and,also, to grant the quality, the long lasting guarantee, easiness to drive and to unkeep.


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Tufacutter machine made entirely in Italy
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