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The Ma.Ca. Company by Marchetti Vasco & C. s.n.c. has to do with the high precision mechanic range. By boasting over thirty – years experience , the Company is able to achieve , besides its special sawing machines for tufa , sandstones and hardstones in particular , moreover it can fulfil projects on customers demand , industrial high precision machines, gear wheels , substitutions and carpenter works .

A Note about Stone "Tuff"

Tuff (Latin: tofus or tophus) is a magmatic rock, in particular is the most widespread pyroclastic rocks. Although the name "tuff" should be strictly reserved for formations of volcanic origin, it is used to indicate different rocks, united by the fact of being light, medium hard and easy to work. In particular, in some Italian regions devoid of tuffaceous volcanic deposits called tufa limestone is porous (eg, the tuff of Apulia).

tuffs - understood as different varieties of tufa stone - is formed mostly of lapilli in size between 2 mm and 30 mm, which is emitted during a volcanic eruption. Tufiti are indicated by the name of those rocks formed by volcanic material debris, possibly also associated with sea shells.

The structure is called tuff or Ciner vitroclastica for the appearance of the glass portion which is finely divided and fragmented.

The smaller lapilli can sometimes imprison those of larger size that solidification is realized also through the action of water.

The environment in which they are deposited lapilli can be extremely variable and, together with the composition of the rock, determine the characteristics of color, structure and texture of the tuffs.

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